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Responsible Gambling Working Group

WG Responsible Gambling’s meeting in Malta 2016

The working group Responsible gambling has its next meeting at GREFs annual conference in Malta. The meeting will take place Wednesday 1st June 14:15 to 15.30. This is when all GREF’s working groups have their sessions.

The main topic of our meeting will be the working group itself.

What shall we work with and what expectations do you have to the group. This spring we sent out a short survey about this to the jurisdictions, and the results will be presented in the meeting. In the meeting we hope there will be comments or input to the results, and here are two examples on results.

1. The survey has given us a picture of what topics you mean the working group should focus on. On top of the list we see Prevention through regulation.

What type of information shall we share when it comes to prevention through regulation?

2. Most of you expect the working group to be a network among colleagues.
How can we develop the network?

We also plan to give a short presentation about online casino games which was launched in Norway in  2014. To prevent problem gambling these casino games are strictly regulated.

Warm Regards


Saaramia Varvio and Jonny Engebø
Co Chairs WG Responsible gambling


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GREF Members Area – Update

Dear all

Please be advised that as the members area is still currently unavailable, it will unfortunately not be possible to download the programme agenda, various country reports and the speaker profiles in advance of the Annual Meeting in Malta. They will however all be included in the Event Brochure, which will be available on arrival.

Thank you for you patience.